“One day we will realize that digitization will change our world at a pace at which we humans are incapable to think.”

Logabit GmbH focuses on advising technology investors and their start-ups, as well as investments in digital companies and software projects. It was founded in 2017 by Stephan Niedermeier.

Stephan Niedermeier is a graduate computer scientist and entrepreneur born in 1977.

During his studies he founded his first B2B company, which specialized in technical and strategic consulting for companies in Germany, Luxembourg and the USA. Customers have been from the multimedia, chemical, automotive and banking industries, such as Avid Inc., Sony Pictures Inc., BASF SE, Audi SE or Fortis Bank (Luxembourg).

At this time he was also an active author of articles and books about open source software and frameworks, one of those developed into a standard work, well known in the community.

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In December 2010 he founded FTAPI Software GmbH in Munich. As CTO, he developed together with his team a B2B security software. It ensures the simple and continuously encrypted exchange of data of any size across company boundaries. In 2013, the QSC AG, a TecDAX listed company, acquired a majority stake in FTAPI. In March 2015, Vodafone Germany announced a cooperation with QSC/FTAPI. He left FTAPI at the end of 2016 in order to start new businesses.

Stephan is one of the first blockchain investors. He invested in Blockchain projects in early 2012 and in Ethereum in 2015. In 2016, he founded the online portal ETHBLOG, which specializes in the crypto currency Ethereum and the blockchain technology. The online portal is the most successful german speaking website on this topic. At the beginning of 2018, together with other experts, he then launched the experts network “Coinauten”, which also deals very successfully with the topics of crypto and blockchain technologies and advises investors and companies on this.

He was Chief Technology Officer at the Co-Innovation Lab of DATAVARD AG and responsible for building an agile team, implementing digital business models and their technological innovations.

He is an elected member of the Startup Advisory Board and the Industry and Innovation Committee of the Munich Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

In 2018 Simon Ochs joined Logabit as COO. In this position he is focussing on organizational development, agile project management, process excellence and market trends. Simon has a diploma in business administration and holds a Master’s degree in International Management. During his professional career, he was active in Germany, the USA, Switzerland and Finland.

In 2007 he started in the construction industry with finance, project management and project controlling of high value construction projects. In 2013 Simon joined Accenture Strategy where he ran multiple Business Strategy projects for DAX and Fortune 500 companies. The guiding principle of all engagements was, that business strategy must always be developed and implemented in the context of technological innovation and digital opportunities. Since technology is the main driver for new products, business models and effective operating models, it needs to be considered for the discussion of all strategic options of an organization.

Simon also has been active in the Ethereum online portal ETHBLOG since the end of 2017 and co-founded the Blockchain and Crypto Currency expert network “Coinauten” in 2018.